Aligning your organization around your customers is now more important than ever. Your Marketing, Sales and Customer Service teams are the front line to the customer. They need to harness your end-to-end enterprise, along with deep customer insight and personalized engagement in order to stand-out from the competition and deliver a relevant experience at every step of the customer journey.

Today's customers are moving away from conventional to more Next-Gen ways in interacting with enterprises for services .To keep up the pace of the customer shift and consumption patterns , enterprise needs to provide a unified customer experience.

Why CRM?

  • CRM offers the advantage of gaining customer loyalty.
  • Ensures enhanced productivity.
  • Better and more accurate data.
  • Data security.
  • Increase efficiencies.
  • Decrease cost of customer acquisition.

Nanomite leverages it CRM implementation and CRM integration expertise to help customers extract maximum value from CRM investments and make the most of customer interactions and relationships. We provide CRM consulting services to help clients adopt appropriate industry-specific CRM best practices, which can be incorporated into scalable packaged applications, hosted solutions, and custom-built applications.

Our value-added services include

Enterprise CRM Consulting.
CRM Implementation.
CRM Integration.
Upgrade and Migration.
Application Care.